The science curriculum at Lees Brook Academy has been designed to provide students with a breadth and depth of knowledge of scientific concepts that impact them as individuals within a local and globalised context.  Through curiosity and investigative skills, we enable our students to be scientifically literate citizens contributing to scientific debates affecting their everyday lives.  Furthermore our curriculum provides a platform for students who wish to pursue more advanced scientific study, leading to a wide range of career opportunities. The key principles underlying our curriculum are:

  • A knowledge rich curriculum
  • The effective use of models to explain scientific concepts
  • Retrieval of knowledge over time
  • Clear teacher instruction
  • The development of scientific skills
  • The use of academic and scientific language
  • Clear connections between different topics and subjects

Key Stage 3

Students follow a curriculum that matches the National Curriculum for science using a clear strand-based approach, which builds on students’ understanding from Key Stage 2 and leads into the knowledge required for Key Stage 4. A core aspect of the Key Stage 3 experience is the development of practical skills, which are modelled for students to develop their skills of enquiry and working scientifically.

Key Stage 4

Students experience a wide range of new topics and skills at Key Stage 4, whilst following the AQA course for either Combined Science (Trilogy) or the 3 separate sciences. Each topic at Key Stage 4 is linked to knowledge and understanding gained at Key Stage 3, with further links made to study science at post-16 and/or enter the world of work.

End Point Statements

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9 

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