Progress, Assessment and Reporting

Progress, Assessment and Reporting 

Ensuring that all Lees Brook learners meet or exceed their potential is central to the academy’s day-to-day work. Our curriculum has been carefully designed to support all students to make progress from their individual starting points towards their targets derived from their prior attainment.

We assess and record evidence of learning and progress in a number of ways in order to paint a holistic view of each student. This enables staff to work in partnership with parents to track, monitor and reward successes; stretch and challenge; anticipate barriers to learning; as well as support and intervene where required.

The GO 4 Schools online platform enables the effective communication of students’ progress, showing live data alongside their behaviour, homework and attendance. At scheduled points throughout the year, each student’s progress data is ‘snapshotted’ and published to GO 4 Schools as a progress report which show progress trends over time. These can be accessed and viewed by parents digitally. Visit our GO 4 Schools page for more information.

Assessment Framework

The Archway Learning Trust (ALT) Assessment Framework aims to ensure in-year assessment is robust, offers opportunities for trust-wide collaboration and comparability and helps us work together towards common goals to achieve the best for our students.

At Key Assessment Points throughout the year, all students complete formal assessments which track their progress, highlighting areas of strength and any need for further improvement. For most students there will be two formal assessments in each subject per academic year. The assessments are designed to test students’ retention of core knowledge and develop how they apply this in different contexts. Content and skills are interleaved within assessments throughout the year to support students in moving knowledge from the short term to their long term memory.

These formal assessments sit alongside teachers’ ongoing verbal and written feedback to students.

A Guide to the Assessment & Attitude to Learning at Lees Brook Academy

Key Stage 3 assessments measure the progress made in each subject as teachers prepare students with the knowledge, skills and understanding that need to be developed and mastered in preparation for starting Level 2 courses in Key Stage 4. Progress is tracked by teachers and feedback given in order to support students in moving forward. Progress data on GO 4 Schools indicates if students are above, in-line with or below their expected progress when comparing the individual student’s most recent assessment to their own starting point.

Key Stage 4 assessment measures the progress made in each subject towards students’ individual target grades. Using ongoing teacher assessment of classwork and tested assessments, teachers record a projected grade which is the grade which the student is expected to achieve at the end of the course. A current ‘working at’ grade is also calculated using the academy’s tracking processes


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