Curriculum Intent

The Intent of the Archway Curriculum is to empower our pupils to flourish academically, socially, linguistically, morally and spiritually. The Archway Curriculum is the single best opportunity that we have to help our pupils flourish and improve their life chances.

The Archway Curriculum is the embodiment of the transformative vision of the Trust ‘to transform the lives of all through the power of working together’. It is rooted in the Trust’s values of Excellence, Inclusion and Collaboration in the firm belief that all our pupils deserve an excellent, inclusive education. It is expertly designed, carefully curated and precisely sequenced by expert teachers working in collaboration with colleagues across the Trust and incorporating best practice from across the sector.

It is an ambitious, knowledge-rich curriculum, empowering our pupils with the ‘best that has been thought, said and written’. As they progress through the curriculum, our pupils know more and remember more of the powerful knowledge they need to succeed in school, in examinations and in the next steps in their educational journey.

It is an inspiring curriculum, engendering curiosity, enthusiasm and a love for learning and investing pupils with the values, confidence and resilience to contribute positively to their community, to society and to modern Britain.

It is a text-rich curriculum, enabling our pupils to communicate critically and confidently through reading, oracy and writing, delivering on the Trust’s ambition to ensure ‘every child in an Archway school will become a fluent reader’.

It is a diverse curriculum, promoting inclusion, empathy and community cohesion, acting as a window to the full wonders of the world and a mirror in which our pupils can see their own lives and experiences represented, valued and respected.

It is an enabling and equitable curriculum, carefully meeting the needs of every pupil, regardless of prior experience or attainment and overcoming any educational, linguistic, socio-economic or demographic barriers to learning.

Within the context of Lees Brook Academy, this means we are committed to designing and delivering an ambitious curriculum that is broad, balanced and inclusive to all of our students.

It is a curriculum that equips all of our young people to learn deep, long lasting, powerful knowledge and skills.  It is a curriculum that provides a wide range of opportunities and experiences throughout their journey at Lees Brook, not just in the classroom, but within the extended curriculum, so that it inspires them to believe in themselves.  It is a curriculum that empowers our students to be ambitious, confident and have the independence to achieve their potential, which positively impacts their future and the community they live in.

Curriculum Principles

  • The curriculum is inclusive and supports all students to develop and embed a wide range of powerful knowledge and skills within a structure that has depth and breadth in its provision and matches or exceeds the expectations within in the National Curriculum. It provides a range of academic, technical and vocational qualifications which challenge, engage and motivate students to achieve standards that that support their next steps in education, employment or training.
  • The curriculum is sequenced and mapped to ensure new, powerful knowledge is built on prior learning as well as ensuring progression in each subject across the curriculum. Specialist subject leaders, in partnership with colleagues from across the Trust, ensure that knowledge is thoughtfully selected and intelligently sequenced so that knowledge and concepts build over time, that enable all students to know more, remember more and develop understanding.
  • Our curriculum provides the opportunities for all students to develop their levels of literacy across all curricular areas in order to become fluent readers and accomplished writers and orators.
  • The curriculum supports all students to develop key knowledge, skills and experiences that are valued by employers, so that they are successful when applying for jobs, courses or apprenticeships. This is through providing a high-quality careers programme that is delivered to all students weekly from Year 7 to Post 16.
  • The curriculum will support the wider development and build the cultural capital of all students through an extended curriculum which provides enrichment opportunities and events. This will develop student’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural development as well provide additional opportunities for the development of student’s physical health, mental health and general well-being.
  • The curriculum will allow all our students to make a positive contribution as an active citizen by promoting the core values of British society. Students will be equipped to make informed choices about their future through the delivery of a high quality PSHE curriculum.  The PSHE curriculum encompasses all personal, social, health and economic topics but also relationships and sex education (RSE).  In addition it is responsive to local and national needs an issues or trends arise.

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