This year we have had the exciting opportunity to work with the National Literacy Trust in developing literacy skills. This has resulted in the implementation of ‘disciplinary literacy’ which is designed to enhance literacy skills by treating literacy as a discipline to be taught and explored in every single lesson. There is a strong focus on the acquisition and understanding of subject specific vocabulary but also vocabulary used academically across the school. Pupils are learning a wealth of strategies to enable them to unlock language and become confident leaners who embrace language and who are literate and articulate.

Literacy skills is also supported by DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) which happens during period 4 each day. Pupils are given the opportunity to read material (either provided by their teacher or the pupil’s choice) for ten minutes which is at an age appropriate and challenging level. This not only promotes independent reading but also provides the opportunity to develop reading skills.

Another initiative introduced this year is the Ark Mastery curriculum which is being delivered to all of Y7 and some classes in Y8 for one lesson a week as part of their English lessons. This curriculum links in carefully with the concept of disciplinary literacy by explicitly teaching specific literacy skills so that literacy skills are embedded and ‘mastered’ early in KS3 so that pupils have these tools ready to enhance learning and progress as they move through to KS4. We are also introducing Century Tech which has a strong focus on mastering literacy skills in homework and intervention lessons.

Lees Brook places the development of literacy across the curriculum at the heart of our ethos and it is a core expectation in every lesson.

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