Employability Skills

Employability Skills

Employability Skills

At Lees Brook Academy we are committed to developing employability skills.


Skills for work

Having the correct qualifications and experience to get a job is crucial, but only part of what is necessary. Skills for work are employability skills needed for success in the workplace.

STUDENTS can click here to view videos on Bitesize about some of the crucial skills you need for future employment and how you can develop them.



What will the future of work look like?

We are entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution… The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the ongoing automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices using modern smart technology. Technology is replacing largely manual jobs BUT technology needs to be APPLIED by professionals and creative workers in future. Owing to changes in technology and the fourth industrial revolution, 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025.

Click here to read an article on The Future Of Work 2020-2030: Where Are The Job Opportunities For Young People?



Regardless of the roles you undertake in the future, you’re going to need these skills:

Curiosity and imagination: asking good questions

Accessing and analysing information: understanding the facts

Agility and Adaptability: being able to change constantly

Initiative and Entrepreneurship: being creative and business-minded

Collaboration and Leading with Influence: teamwork and leadership

Good Oral and Written Communication: being understood

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: being able to see solutions


Typical skills for future roles:

Building a network of partners and skills

Self-directed learning

Language skills to work globally

Coding and the ability to understand and apply technology

Being able to work in a team and lead

Being able to predict and adapt to changes in working in all areas


PARENTS: How You Can Help Your Child Develop Employability Skills

To succeed in the world of work, employers will expect your child to have certain basic employability skills (sometimes called “key skills”). These are skills which are needed to virtually any job – and even just to get by in life. Everybody needs these key employability skills, regardless of the industry or role they work in. There are plenty of ways your child can develop these skills at school or in their home life, even if they don’t have a part-time job. In this article Success At Schools look at what those employability skills are and how you can help your child gain them.


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