Welcome to the Lees Brook Academy SEN Information Report for learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). We are a welcoming, inclusive school where our SEND pupils feel safe, cared for, and have a sense of belonging. We strive to remove barriers to success and have high ambitions for all of our SEND pupils, regardless of their special educational need or background.

All governing bodies of academy schools have a legal duty under the revised Code of Practice (2014) to publish information on their website about the implementation of their policy for students with SEND. Lees Brook Academy School recognises and celebrates the individuality and diversity of our students. We are committed to working with our school community. Every student has an entitlement to a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum. The academy is committed to giving all students every opportunity to achieve the highest standards. We have an inclusive ethos with high expectations where everyone can achieve their full potential. We seek to engender a sense of belonging to the academy and to boost self-esteem, self-confidence and motivation.

SEND Provision – The Hub

The Hub is located on the first floor of Lee’s Brook Community School main building, accessible by stairs and lift. Our SEND Provision is split across two intervention rooms. Hub 1 focuses on supporting pupils with a cognition and learning need, where focused, impact measured interventions take place to support pupils progress and ensures that they are able to fully engage in their timetabled lessons. Hub 2 focuses on life skills, self-learning, strategies for self-help. Interventions are tailored to meet the needs of pupils who might have an Autism Diagnosis, ADHD, High SEND Anxiety, Sensory needs. All interventions have a clear intent, implementation and impact, which can be seen within our working provision map. Interventions are monitored throughout their cycles, using entry data and ongoing progress data to ensure that they are having the desired impact. Our purpose is to have our pupils accessing a high quality classroom curriculum – the work we do supports this engagement and progress.

Green Lees is our developing SEND garden providing an opportunity for targeted intervention and mentoring without the ‘typical’ indoor learning environment. The SEND team are currently working with the pupil led Eco council to develop our garden into sensory space with flower beds, vegetable patches, sensory areas and a fire pit circle.


Our SEND information report sits alongside the Archway Learning Trust SEND policy and provides a breakdown of the SEND provision we offer as Lees Brook Academy.

SEND Information Report 2023-2024

Our information has been seen and discussed with students, parents/carers, AAB members and members of staff. The provision that we describe is consistent with recommended good practice within the LA’s Local Offer. We would welcome your feedback and future involvement in its review, so please do contact us.

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