The Computing curriculum at Lees Brook Academy enables students to develop skills and knowledge in Computer Science and Digital Media, preparing them for a future in a world fully immersed in the use of computer technology. Students will have tenacity when using computers, so that they can solve problems independently and learn from their mistakes. Whether they want to learn the science behind computers and be able to write algorithms and develop programs, or to design and produce creative digital content for users to see, we have designed a curriculum that goes far deeper than the interface that is in front of them.

An important life skill for anyone is to problem solve. We aim to develop our students’ problem-solving skills, in order that they may be able to use computer technology confidently, safely, effectively and efficiently in

a range of circumstances. We practice this through programming and computational thinking, using real life problems and expressing these as algorithms using logic and reasoning. Computational thinking is essential to the development of computer applications, but more so, it is a vital skill to support problem solving across all disciplines. It will not only aid learners with their Computing journey but also within their everyday life. Our learners will tackle of range of real-world challenges developing other skills such as resilience and tenacity.

The curriculum covers the following key areas that are revisited strategically, building up knowledge as students become experts in each area:

  • Digital Literacy
    To ensure that our students understand how to use computers in an appropriate way. We ensure that students can use IT safely, responsibly, and legally. Furthermore, we use a wide range of different software and platforms to prepare our students for a future using different technology and systems.
  • Computer Science
    Students will learn how computers function, for example how data is stored and processed. This includes learning about Binary numbers, and the different hardware used to interact with computers.
  • Computational thinking
    We provide students with the skills to analyse, design, and develop a solution to a problem. We develop programming skills each year by building layers of understanding; for example, in Year 7 students use block-based software to develop algorithms, in Year 8 and 9 create full text-based programming using Python.

By the end of their journey, students will be equipped with a strong core of knowledge to engage with computer technology in their future careers.


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