Welcome to Lees Brook Community School

Lees Brook is a school that cares for the people within it. We have a uniquely inclusive environment which allows everyone to succeed. We have a safe, successful and positive learning community that ensures that every student in school is able to fulfil their learning potential; but more than that, to also become well rounded young people who will go on and thrive in the world of work.

At Lees Brook you will find a warm learning environment, the positive relationship between the students and staff in school is evident and this leads to an ethos and culture which is based on mutual respect throughout the school – this flourishes into an atmosphere which is relaxed but purposeful.

As well as pursuing academic success for our students, we believe strongly in the importance of the extra curricular activities; we have a thriving programme of activities available alongside a strong drive to develop student leadership opportunities in school.

Lees Brook is a school that has a strong community ethos: students are proud to belong to the school and staff are proud to work at the school. We are moving forward rapidly and will continue to develop until we have reached the level of excellence that we are striving to achieve.

Zoe House - Headteacher



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