Students at Lees Brook develop into confident, considerate and independent young people.  All students have a responsibility to ensure that Lees Brook is a safe community where qualities such as courtesy, common sense, consideration and co-operation are valued highly throughout the school.  We call these our 'Four C's'.  Students have the opportunity to make a huge contribution to the life of the school through the Leadership Academy where volunteering to support the learning of others is an expectation of all students.  There are also many other opportunties for students to take an active part in the life of the school which include trips within the UK and abroad.  There are also a wide range of clubs for students to attend including sport, dance, chess, the school council, ICT, maths challenges, music, drama and art - to name just a few.
Please take some time to explore the Lees Brook website to find out more about the many exciting opportunities we have to offer.