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A select group of Year 10's and one Year 11 English student were invited over to our partners at the Long Eaton School on Friday 8th March for a special guest talk from Author Bali Rai. Bali is an award winning author of young adult fiction with notable works such as '(Un)arranged Marriage', 'Killing Honour' and 'Web of Darkness'. A native of a rough estate in Leicester and humble beginnings, Bali had a passion for reading from a young age which quickly turned to a desire for wanting to write. He has had many successful books published and appeared on both television and radio.

We joined with a large contingent of Year 9 Long Eaton students to listen as Bali spoke for an hour about what inspires him and where he looks for creative inspiration in everyday life. What struck as most impressive in his talk, was that he was able to maintain audience interest and attention for the entirety of the hour. Bali possessed a frank and straightforward speaking style that was very relatable.

As well as signing copies of his books and answering questions in a Q&A, Bali also looked over a creative writing piece from a Lees Brook student and was very complimentary. 

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