Switch Up theatre performance

On Wednesday 3rd October we had a special visit from the Switch Up Theatre Company who came in to talk to some of our students about knife crime. For many of you following the news I'm sure you will appreciate how serious this subject is. The murder and knife crime figures in certain areas of the country have been sky rocketing in recent times. There have also been efforts on social media amongst certain misguided young people to ignorantly promote and glorify moronic, primitive gang violence with 'Drill music videos'. As such, this was a perfect moment to present some of our youngsters with an opportunity to confront the real and ugly side of this subject.

Year nine and ten students were treated to a very emotional performance tackling the subject head on and portraying the hideous aftermath and consequences of poor life choices which the gangs don't show in their social media videos. Some students were visibly moved during both performances and in the workshops which followed, were full of questions for the actors.

If the message resonated with the ones who really needed it, hopefully there won’t be any of our cherished ones making the headlines in their lifetime for all the wrong reasons.

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