Prom 2018

Where does the time go? On a beautiful evening, Friday 22nd June I'm sure a lot of parents and staff shared that collective thought as they stood in the golden sunshine and watched the students begin to arrive. Only a short time ago, they were half our size, cheeky faced Year 7's that came to us in the last days of the old School buildings. Now here they were, unrecognisable, all grown up in their suits and gowns, emerging into adults before our eyes.

There was a fantastic turnout for the arrivals with many parents greeting everyone enthusiastically. Space was tight as plush cars navigated the turning circle. Amongst the most eye catching entrances, the Prom Committee arriving in a limo that looked like it could have housed a swimming pool inside! There was a fairy-tale horse and carriage which was apparently a surprise for the young lady riding in it. The best entrance award went to a group of boys who arrived huddled in the back of a tank.

The event went off without a hitch starting in the serene garden setting and then venturing inside where a photo booth was arranged for the students to enjoy. Mr Taylor clearly putting a lot of thought and effort into giving his year a great final send off. There were plenty of humorous awards and spirited dancing to make it a memorable bow out.

Farewell Year 11's.

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