Leavers Celebration Presentation

These annual events seem to come around quicker and quicker and now here we are again on the verge of saying goodbye to another Year 11 group. This year we decided to make a few adjustments to proceedings, most notably the name of the event. We are very proud of our current batch of Year 11's. The majority have really put forth the effort not only in trying to achieve the best for their exams, but throughout their entire Lees Brook life.

Mr Taylor kicked off proceedings and cut a noticeably proud figure as Head of Year. His influence as an English and Media Studies teacher was not lacking as the film quotes poured fourth! A small group of students who had elected to speak also took to the microphone to impart some lovely words of reflection and inspiration for the future.

As each form tutor came up to introduce their students, it became startling clear just how much this particular crop of youngsters have had an impact at Lees Brook. All of their combined involvements in School productions, extracurricular activities and events in and out of school only scratched the surface of the kind of character they have enriched the school with.

Whatever the results may be this summer; these students have already made us proud.

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