High School Musical

Months in the planning. Time and money, hearts and souls invested. Three show nights and a monumental effort from staff and students. Crediting everyone who contributed toward making the show would require an article all of it's own. Here on the cusp of the Christmas holidays, in a term that has been jam packed with events and responsibilities, the Expressive Arts team have delivered another success.

This was not an easy show to pull off folks. It was the most ambitious yet and at times the strain was evident on the faces of the people involved. There were times when we wondered if we had bitten off more then we could chew. But despite a copious amount of commitments in a demanding period of the year, everybody dug deep and soldiered on. If you were there on one of the three nights, I hope you will agree that the faults were few but the passion and dedication were not lacking and all worked hard to bring you an entertaining evening.

We have always been proud of the fact that we have an ever present roster of talented students who continue to surprise us and do themselves and their parents proud when they step up and deliver what they are capable of. The evidence of thunderous applause across the sold out evenings speaks for itself. People keep turning up to our shows for a reason. We have talent here.

Dominic Wood (Year 10) and Natasha Neale (Year 10) gave brilliant performances in the lead roles. They were professionally supported by the likes of Jack Surgay (Year 10), Rachel Redfern (Year 10), Danniella-Rose Stringer (Year 10) and Xavier Parkins (Year 10) amongst many others. One of the breakthrough stars and one to watch for the future had to be Madison Barker (Year 8) who's angelic singing voice had the audience captivated during a solo. With supporting roles featuring Mr Taylor and Mr Dunn, the whole cast did themselves proud.

The DVD is in production now and will be available for purchase at an announced time in the early part of next year so check the website for updates. Congratulations to everyone on another brilliant show!

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