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Scenario 1:

If a whole year group or full class bubble must self-isolate, then lessons would be
delivered live on Microsoft Teams for the self isolation period. In the event of a live
lesson not being scheduled on Teams (for a particular subject) then work will be set on

Scenario 2:

If a small number of students or individuals must self-isolate, then work will be set on

Scenario 3:

If a whole year group is required to work at home due to high levels of staff absence,
work will be set on ClassCharts. In this scenario, Year groups will be placed on a rota
system and students will only be set work for their core subjects of English, Maths and
Science. This blended learning is planned by our subject Learning Directors and will be
set on ClassCharts. Remaining teaching staff in school will be used to teach students in
school, so they will not be available to teach a live lesson under these circumstances.


Live Lessons
Parents guide to ClassCharts  https://pages.classcharts.com/wp-content/uploads/Class_Charts_for_parents_guide.pdf Microsoft Teams
Students guide to ClassCharts  https://pages.classcharts.com/wp-content/uploads/Class_Charts_for_pupils_guide.pdf  Protocols and safeguarding for live lessons
Classcharts.com  A link to the student guide to Microsoft Teams
   A link to student quick guide to live lessons

How to join a live lesson on Teams  



How to access assignments/work on Teams



 Government Laptops Advice Page


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