GCSE Design and Technology

Textiles Focus

The new GCSE places greater emphasis on understanding and applying iterative design processes. Students will use their creativity and imagination to design and make prototypes that solve real and relevant problems, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values.

Material Areas:

• Natural, synthetic, blended and mixed fibres, and woven, non-woven and knitted textiles
• You will be expected to use these materials alongside experimenting with plastics, timbers, papers and boards

You have to produce a piece of Non exam assessment (controlled assessment) representing about 45 hours of work. The NEA will include a design folder that explores design ideas that are modelled and developed in to a final prototype. You will be able to use all different types of fabrics and materials for your design ideas. This assessment accounts for 50% of your final grade.

You will also have a written exam at the end which will cover a broad knowledge of all areas of design and technology, materials (plastics, timbers, metals, papers and boards) and 15% of the exam will be math based, the whole exam will account for the other 50% of your grade.

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