From Primary School to Lees Brook


For Parents and Pupils:

Opportunities for Day-Time Visits:
All prospective parents are very welcome to contact Lees Brook and arrange to come in and have a tour around the school. This visit gives parents and prospective pupils the opportunity to see the working and learning environment of the school during a normal school day. Parents and pupils will be able to ask questions of teaching staff and pupils as well as having the opportunity to view the facilities on offer throughout the school site. Requests for visits during the school year should be made the School Administrative Office.

Year 5/6 Open Evening:

Lees Brook will be having an Open Evening on for prospective parents and pupils on Thursday 26th September 2019 which is between 6:30pm – 8:30pm. This meeting gives you an opportunity to find out more information about the school and talk informally with some of the teaching staff and current pupils at the school. Current pupils will be in attendance on the evening as guides and participating in subject workshops. The evening will include a talk from the Head teacher and we very much encourage Year 6 pupils to attend. Information about this evening is communicated to our Partner Primaries accordingly.

Junior Links:

As a school we are very aware about what an anxious time it can be for our Year 6s when they are thinking about coming up to Lees Brook the following September. We do a number of activities to support Year 6 pupils and their transition to Lees Brook.

One activity we do in the summer term each year is our ‘Junior Links’ programme. During the programme, Year 6 pupils that are scheduled to start school at Lees Brook in September are invited to attend for four consecutive weeks in the summer term between 3:45pm and 6:00pm. The programme gives Year 6 pupils a fantastic opportunity to sample life at Lees Brook, get to know the teachers and the layout of the buildings and explore how some of the rules and expectations may be different to those in primary schools.Pupils will be welcomed and accompanied by experienced teachers and associate staff as well as some of our current pupils.

Year 6 Induction Evenings:

In the summer term, Lees Brook will hold two Year 6 Induction Evenings. If your child is allocated a place at Lees Brook then you will be invited to one of these Evenings. The purpose of this meeting is to give parents and pupils an opportunity to meet the members of staff most directly involved in looking after their child when they first arrive and start at Lees Brook. As well as a talk from the Head teacher, there will be further opportunities to Hear from the Head of Year, Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Attendance and Safeguarding Officers and School Nurse if applicable to your child.

Year 6 Induction Days:

On the Induction Days, Year 6 pupils spend two days working at Lees Brook as Lees Brookpupils and following a two-day timetable. These two days give pupils an opportunity to meet their form tutor and fellow tutees and start establishing relationships and exploring expectations of life at Lees Brook. Pupils are expected to attend their two induction Days at Lees Brook even if their Primary School is closed for staff training or INSET. The overriding objective of the Induction Days is to; remove the fear and anxiety of starting secondary school, establish a purposeful relationship between Form Tutor and individual pupils, breaking the ice amongst tutees and getting them mixing and establishing relationships, starting to get them familiar with Lees Brook rules, expectations and ethos, starting to get the students familiar with the buildings, break and lunch-time arrangements, starting to get the students familiar with Lees Brook’s uniform, kit and equipment requirements, give students the opportunity to ask questions and deal with any fears or concerns that they may initially have.

Primary School Liaison:

There are a number of members of staff that have responsibility for liaising and working with our Partner Primaries at Lees Brook. Visits take place throughout the academic year and so that Lees Brook know as much as possible about our new pupils before they are placed in tutor groups and start with us at Lees Brook. Lees Brook colleagues may well be in attendance at Year 6 Primary Parents Evenings as well as going into Primaries for talks, assemblies or question and answer sessions with Year 6 pupils.

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